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Aerobic songs | Volume 1


« AEROBIC SONGS, Volume 1 » was officially published in 2011, the 17th of march, with the artistic support of the independent label CAROTTE PRODUCTION.
6 songs EP, it draws artistic oultines of the HOOD ROCK DANCEFLOOR the Baron from Vezeline is searching.
« Veronique and Davina » is the most emblematical song of this EP. As an intergalactic hit, the disc starts with a real disco pop rock sound, especially loved by the Baron… Homage song for the duet Véronique and Davina, stars in a french TV show at the beginning of the 80’s, when aerobics was famous… The Baron was 5 years old. He saw everything from their bodies… Everything… (top-less shower at the end of this TV show…)
« Worn out » is the Baron hidden view… worried by social environment. This rock title concentrates in 4 minutes the human mess made by a firm relocation…
« Congratulations », an real english pop sound, summarizes in an humoristic way the worst year a man can have in his life.
« Your smile », disco pop rock too, is an ode to smiling, and to its single power.
« Barbarism » has a Queen sound, half-rock, half-hip hop with a very peculiar lyrics structure. This single is a discussion about linguistic evolution in our occidental areas, closed between LOL,MDR and an elitist scientific speech. Struggle between academic intelligentsia rejecting barbarisms, neologisms, and the new WORDS creators, at a historic moment when humans try to comunicate together afresh…
« Swaziland » is the most peculiar song of the EP. A testimony of the Swaziland’s situation, small african country, where HIV kills every day. For the moment this country has got the lowest life expectancy : 33 years old, as Jesus Christ…

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01 Veronique and Davina 02' 59"
02 Worn out03' 59"
03 Congratulations03' 58"
04 Your smile04' 01"
05 Barbarism03' 04"
06 Swaziland03' 31"
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