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Not knowing whether to just choose the big juicy Matrix steak or adopt an ascetic career plan with the rebels, the members of td+ have opened the portal both dimensional and psychotherapeutic of dub. Ever since, they are trying to absorb this problem.
And so, facing this cruel dilemma, the answer they've found together is simply just to try to hypnotise you. Needless to say, that in so doing, they now find themselves completely alienated to large, deep, well-oiled basses.
Their music, a result of basic maceration (such as rhum, for example,) is a blend of traditional dub and a rougher rock style, marinated in a juice made up of a conglomeration of electro samples, groovy scratches, voices intercepted from here and there, and psychedelic effects.

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01 Agent provocateur03' 30"
02 King David04' 04"
03 Unexpected DNA03' 51"
04 Dubalize it03' 09"
05 Crystallize it03' 14"
06 Understand06' 16"
07 Smash it07' 18"
08 Souvenir03' 01"
09 Seeker of truth03' 39"
10 Agent double03' 21"
11 Bubblin'03' 38"
12 Psychotrigger04' 16"
13 Slow lane04' 13"
14 Sleeper agent01' 36"
15 Goliath02' 20"
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