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Outernational electronic music producer and multimedia artist Filastine continues to trample borders and take risks with his new EP Aphasia. Delicately crafted acoustic details cascade into walls of sound. Lush vocals float above speaker-rattling bass pressure.

Requiem 432 opens the album with layers of harmonic vocals that pitch and slur into percussive crescendos. Requiem is also a short film, Filastine threw a funeral party for the age of materialism in Cairo’s squatted necropolis, the City of the Dead.
Sixty Cycle Drum’s pumping lo-fi organs quickly transform into the album’s most danceable track, flirting with the hyper cadences of footwork.
Listeners will swoon for Murka’s gorgeous pentatonic vocal melody and string arrangement.

The 808-propelled trap rhythm of Drone Silences may be this album’s nearest reference to any recognizable genre, albeit with a spacious dub sensibility that places it far, far, away from brostep’s yankee heartland. The title of this last track is a nod to the cover art, a Reaper drone painted in Pakistani truck-art motifs by Mahwish Chishty.

Aphasia can be ordered now as limited edition cassette tape. On the flipside is LAWANLUPA, Filastine & Nova’s mixtape inspired by the recent documentary film The Act of Killing. Downloads and the 10” vinyl are available from June 23rd. All can be had directly from the artist’s Bandcamp page.

The songs of Aphasia form the basis of Filastine’s new audiovisual mapping performance, debuting this summer at France’s largest Festival, Les Vieilles Charrues. The new performance uses an expanded version of his custom-made software which allows live triggering and manipulation of visuals in sync with sound.

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01 Requiem 43203' 19"
02 Sixty Cycle Drum03' 39"offered
03 Murka04' 37"
04 Drone Silences03' 54"
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