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Avec des si


La Mine de Rien
Beautiful words playing with the french language, its sounds and senses, powerful musical arrangements, liveliness on stage, all of team up to be La Mine de Rien (worlplay which might be translated as : Nothing on my Mine)

After 11 years of exciting tour, more than 600 gigs, 3 studio albums (2005, 2007, 2010) and a live album (2012), La Mine de Rien carries on its musical production.
Music with many influences that calls for partying, and introspective lyrics, somewhat desillusioned, here is the complexity and richness of the band's style more roughly described as « Nouvelle chanson »

In 2013, the band conducted many projects all together : tour on the Réunion Island, in Germany, Belgium, Senegal, with beautiful encounters that were a source of inspiration for their new album « Avec des si » (« If wishes were horses ») released on the end of april 2014

Avec des si
(Mediatone / l'Autre Distribution)
28 APRIL 2014

La Mine de Rien offers us a really nice fifth album that won't fail to widen the combo's audience.

Yoshka, singer and writer, carved refined lyrics with our senses and words.Some others are more a call. In some other titles, some songs (La vie est brève, Livre à vous) are touching with false simplicity, and invite us to introspection. Others are more a call for humanism in the context of surrounding individualism (Avec des Si, Jeu de l'ego, L'envers du décor). In others, the words and music may remind us of early Serge Gainsbourg.

The musical arrangements, always very elaborated and moving are one of the main caracteristics of the band's music which mixes a whole lot of different influences. Therefore we can hear a bit of groove here, three quarter rock there, hip hop slow, gipsy ragga or flamenco rock, but don't be mistaken, there is a « sound of Mine » that you will recognize straightforward !

You will also notice the duet with Mourad Musset, singer in the famous french band « La Rue Ketanou » for the song « L’envers du décor », which deals with the fate of the people crowded in the new shantytowns ; the duet with Frédéric Burguière, singer of another famous band « Les Ogres de Barback » for a nursery rhyme for grown-up children ; and the appearance of Alice Burguière, also from « Les Ogres de Barback », with her delicate cello on « Avec des si », an anthem to utopia.

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01 La vie est brève03' 36"
02 Faire face03' 16"
03 L'envers du décor (avec Mourad de La Rue Ketanou)04' 29"
04 Avec des si (avec Alice des Ogres de Barback)04' 50"
05 Encore combien02' 51"
06 L'un contre l'autre03' 53"
07 A petit feu02' 42"
08 Petite voleuse02' 28"
09 Avec un grand A03' 40"
10 Démons & merveilles04' 40"
11 Mélodie (avec Fredo des Ogres de Barback)02' 17"
12 Jeu de l'ego03' 30"
13 Faux pas03' 30"
14 7 Ans de malheur04' 30"
15 Rien compris00' 56"
16 Livre à vous06' 03"
17 Toujours rien compris01' 03"
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