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Former singer of Sixpack (Saint - Etienne punk rock combo), Salim's voice would stir the audience like a primal scream. After two albums, including the breath taking « Reading History » (Spliff Again), he is back under the pseudonym BUSYMAN. Nowadays, his singing talks to our deeper self, enlightened by the beauty of a certain sadness and of genuine rage. Long time friend, his acoustic guitar accompanies the « busy man» towards unsuspected spheres. His music puzzles our senses and speeds up our heart beats. Easy to picture Salim sung to sleep by the melodies of Polly jean Harvey or Nick Drake.

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01 like a clown03' 54"
02 on my own03' 42"
03 even if you don't have really changed05' 41"
04 stone's soup02' 27"
05 your convenience02' 52"
06 lettre laure04' 50"
07 donkey shot02' 32"
08 mobile phone05' 23"
09 on a christmas' eve03' 20"
10 every next song05' 21"
11 outing?03' 24"
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