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Contrebrassens is the encounter between a woman, a doublebass and the work of one of France's most famous songwriters and poets Georges Brassens. 
Pauline’s voice brings to light the feminine side of the songs and emphasises the melodies and musical phrases. The lyrics are sung with both humour and precision. 
The double bass, which is typically thought of as accompanying instrument is used here in a different way. Played mostly with a bow it sings with the voice and follows it, throwing light on the meaning and allure within the songs. 
You will find yourself falling in love with this fine, original and feminine show.

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01 L'Orage04' 44"
02 Pénélope03' 59"
03 La non demande en mariage05' 37"
04 Je me suis fait tout petit04' 04"
05 Les amoureux des bancs publics03' 25"
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