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Cruel Summer


Strengthened with two productions, numerous featurings (K-the-I???, Ben Sharpa, Bleubird), R;Zatz comes back stronger than ever with her new release, “Cruel Summer”. After “Will We Cross The Line” and “Vagina Rush”, this new LP matured in the minds of Takeshi (guitar), Marilou (bass, vocals), Mathieu (drums) and Céline (keyboards, background vocals). On “Cruel Summer”, few guests, but four musicians in perfect harmony.

Far from the cold atmosphere of « Will We Cross The Line », this new record is definitely more melodic, flirting with an idea of simplicity sublimating each of its protagonist’s intervention. Trip-Hop and Indie influences are undeniable, although the atmospheres get warmer, bringing some serenity. Have PJ Harvey, Shannon Wright or Notwist’s retro guitars owned the band’s mind ?

No need to go further than the title track to get a clear impression of the new path opened up by the band.

Once we get a view of a pastel colored landscape's organic beauty (Cruel Summer, Dark Brown Eyes). Emotions are almost touchable. Then haunting guitar riffs are taking Marilou's voice higher, with fragility and sensitivity (Stormy). Synthetic layers, half-tainted xylophones, electronic textures are drawing some pictures burnt by a burning sun. From pale summer morning, we are afterwards travelling to pure black, and bloody red (Flower in the Heaven). Resignation, Nostalgia are overwhelmed by anger and determination (U Got Me, Take a Look in the Mirror..). Marilou's voice becomes stronger, prevailing as if it was amok guided (Ordinary Chronicle).

R;Zatz has things to say, and things to square up. This album stands as a manifesto. Along its epic story, the prey turns into the hunter. Drums, sometimes distantly bright, gets heavy and loud. Round and omniscient bass carries our singer's intervention as guitar and keyboards fade evanescent.

Black Sifichi invites himself on "Dark Brown Eyes" (also available on FX100), starring as this cruel summer fantasised icon. "Cycles Stream" takes us over to the heart of the R;Zatz entity, for a better understanding of its nature, reminding us of Leïla's disorientated universe, or the excellent Juniper of Filastine y La Bamba.

Very harmonious, this record is hence a subtle measurement between the crew's individualities. As unexpected than tight, R;Zatz is eager to display her new work on stage for a tour in April/March 2012.

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01 R-Zatz - Take a look in the Mirror03' 51"
02 R-Zatz - U Got Me03' 04"offered
03 R-Zatz - Cruel Summer04' 26"
04 R-Zatz - Meadows of the soul02' 50"
05 R-Zatz - Flower in the Heaven04' 09"
06 R-Zatz - Cycles Stream02' 10"
07 R-Zatz - Jaws03' 36"
08 R-Zatz - Dark Brown Eyes (feat.Black Sifichi)04' 07"
09 R-Zatz - Stormy03' 45"
10 R-Zatz - Take a Pill03' 31"
11 R-Zatz - I can't believe03' 07"
12 R-Zatz - Ordinary Chronicle03' 54"
13 R-Zatz - Bo-Kyo03' 55"
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