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Degelewaï Baye Fall


With this new album, Live&Full Power reveals an exhilarating and festive dub. It is enriched by the vocal miscegenation, to transport the auditor beyond space, time and culture.
The pleasant voice of Joe Pilgrim resound at the effigy oh the big reggae singers of 60'S 70's. Il also is the singer of Dub Addict, and collaborate with the biggest of dub scene, like High Tone, Kanka, Kaly Live Dub
Shanti D, is a monument of the sound system culture. He works with Junior Cony, Sergent Garcia ... He is a singer with a melancolic voice, who reveals himself through his poetics texts.

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A1 Gall02' 38"
A2 Irie To Dem03' 14"
A3 Spiritual Brightness03' 42"
A4 Max Manifesto02' 59"
A5 Steppin'Tropical01' 49"
A6 Fela's Rebirth04' 45"
B1 Vegetal Kingdom03' 34"
B2 World Disobedience02' 57"
B3 Legge03' 19"
B4 Lilyli02' 34"
B5 Spatial Histery04' 40"
B6 These Day03' 04"
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