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Vincent Cros proposes a musical travel throughout time, some kind of unlikely and queer   marriage between song and electronics. He nicely hovers between mechanical and melancholy rhythms, between elation and belittlement. Throughout simple and sweet melodies, people will be able to hear lyrics in a majestic, martian-like and hearty voice, which pretends to be fragile.

The lyrics written in a cheerful language sometimes play with sense to keep the essence of the message, unveiling some kind of relish for right words,   exact intonations,   minute flows and precise emotions. They also show irony and lucidity, funny or cruel puns, an astute distance to tell things, disturb, twist and extoll the world as well as the relationships between men and women, their strengths, weaknesses or their moment of disarray.

Vincent Cros uses poetry and electronics to be both intimist and expressionist and therefore stuns the audience.

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