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Dog songe


The title of this collection resonates sixth eloquence. It is thought at the outset to Tom Waits and Leonard Cohen, to Rain Dogs and to Songs of… Canine dream or thinking of a dog, these ten titles dreamlike, classical format, consolidate Yet there already stronger in terms of French songs and emotions hexagonal and true.

Piano worthy, accordion, harmonium, light strings, guitar sharper, compose a ceremony stripped, without any form of ostentation, or logorrhée hypermodern, Marcel Kanche remains a valuable craftsman of words, words polished by a deep passion to the respect of his art. His baritone voice has never been more mature, secure it susurre words.

On “homme à genoux”, Marcel sings: "I seek the dawn in thy dark eyes. "Tonight, the number of stars in my eyes I miss him" might have answered the poet Jean-Philippe Salabreuil disappeared prematurely, with whom Kanche sharing many fulgurances. Its images instantly dazzle the eye. Self-taught musician, accomplished poet, singer eloquent, Marcel Kanche is a rare artist, demanding.

"We were looking for gold in the mines of silence," he said, confident of his quest for a convulsive beauty on “à l’affut d’une carapace”. The female chorus referring a distant echo of romantic partners of Leonard Cohen circa songs of Leonard Cohen. Kanche has long donned black overcoat and blue raincoat, draping beautifully chorus Yiddish in “Pluie de terre”.

Nimbé melancholy moods, this disc s'écoute between dog and wolf, but s'apprivoise for eternity. The evening, but the piano blue, the String and singing solemn but always carnal Kanche of inciting the golden Agape, where convolent sobriety instrumental elegance verbal and dreamlike canine.

Florent Mazzoleni




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01 Va chevalier03' 29"
02 Débris03' 06"
03 Homme à genoux05' 24"
04 Endormi dans l'homme03' 28"
05 A l'affût d'une carapace04' 00"
06 Pluie de terrre05' 26"
07 Vase d'or04' 12"
08 Y seras-tu ?03' 28"
09 Ami sous les fleurs05' 10"
10 Chien de novembre02' 20"
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