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Dub Invaders #3 Part.I


Dub scene activists since the early 2000’s, High Tone has continuously evolved their music throughout their albums, constantly exploring new soundscapes, ready to free themselves from their own codes to create an hybrid and modern sound.
Founded in 2009 with the release of a first opus and a sound-system tour, the entity Dub Invaders enables the members of High Tone crew to revive the original spirit of a culture that shaped, influenced and inspired them from their start.
Of course, High Tone are anything but beginners, as, some sound-system stamped escapades, that naturally paved the way to the Dub Invaders project, can already be found among their extensive discography and exploit (two 10inch vinyl with Martin Campbell and Shanti D, the box "Dub Box", and so many featurings and remixes).

Following the release of a second Dub Invaders album in 2012, full of outstanding featurings (El Fata, Zeb Mc Queen, Solo Banton, Echo Ranks), the collective announces the release of 4 EPs and one LP in 2016, and strengthens its presence within the ever growing Dub scene

On the first maxi announced for April 2016, two high(ranking guests come to assist Dub Invaders : Omar Perry and Doubla J. The first singer, son of the legendary Lee"Scratch" Perry, shows Impressive facilities on a futuristic Dub production signed by Aku-Fen. The B-side, composed by Twelve, mixes brilliantly Dub Digital and Bass Music but also Hip-Hop and Dancehall tanks to the talent of the German MC Doubla J.

The instrumental versions of "Behold" and "We Gonna Make It" complete the first vinyl and must be played on your turntable until it wears out while waiting for the next chapter...the Dub Invaders are back, beware !

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01 Behold (Aku Fen Feat. Omar Perry)04' 11"
02 Behold (Aku Fen Version)03' 39"
03 We gonna make it (Twelve Feat. Doubla J)03' 55"
04 Twelve - We gonna make it (Twelve Version)03' 55"
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