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Empire Soldiers


Vibronics and Brain Damage meet each other’s around a new concept, a narrative inspiration which will probably come upon: the First World War Anglo- Caribbean soldiers’ experience.
Madu Messenger, the academic historian, poet and songwriter uses the result of years of research to introduce a series of texts dealing with key issues such as travel, friendship, war, and death, during this period. This project offers a learning experience establishing disturbing parallels between an historical unknown period and contemporary considerations affecting all of us such as : cultural shock, immigration, imperial power and horrors war.

The different origins of the musicians of the projects: English, French, Jamaican, Asian allow them to have a reflection on this sensitive issue and to make a cultural rapprochement opposed to some enslavement and communautarism models

Brain Damage and Vibronics’ Reggae/dub is stepped in different influences mixing knowledge, spontaneity and human experience

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