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Fever, lost friends and italian movies


The Fever, lost friends & italian movies is the work of a man who has come from far, yet without sinking into the cynicism of a cantankerous father. You will find included: some of his most folk compositions, lyrical and soulful (Two chairs, Getting better, Stormy Japan), his tributes paid to the most beautiful mushy pop tunes from the 60's, that we also find with delight in Jonathan Richman (You and Me, My special K), his love for the perfidious Albion and her storytellers like Ray Davies or Damon Albarn (Madie, Another Country) and at last her New Yorker fantasies of smoke-filled rooms, glacial bitumen and men that have see better days (Not down, Things).

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01 Stormy Japan00' 37"
02 Things02' 49"
03 You & me02' 10"
04 Two chairs04' 30"
05 Madie02' 42"
06 My Special K02' 13"
07 Not down02' 51"
08 Getting better03' 12"
09 Country church01' 35"
10 Another country09' 54"
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