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Foreign pulses & bordeline dubs


Composed of a mixture of jazz, downtempo and dub esthetics, Professor's first opus, "Foreign Pulses & Borderline Dubs" is both accessible and precise, melodic and mind-expanding ... reverie, anger and journey cross and run together smoothly. Aboard this third millennium album, the prof. manages with a great maturity to combine live playing and acoustic shades with electronic textures. The musicians (bass, drums, guitar, clarinets and keys) fully express their sensibility and sense of groove while electronics and arrangements deconstruct, recompose, explore sound design and open sound fields.You can easily think about Cinematic Orchestra but the professor's influences go from Burnt Friedman to Jaga Jazzist, Matthew Herbert, Señor Coconut, the Jazzland label and artists from the scape catalogue..he last step of this project was the mixing session in the Jarring Effects Studio, which gave the professor useful technical means to give this music an additional sound quality value. All this sound microcosm, taken care of by Céline Frezza thestudio's Tinkerbell, is in a perpetual motion, always shaking to serve an elaborate, lively and simply handsome music.

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01 24/705' 21"
02 L'éveil05' 17"
03 Pulse04' 34"
04 Basement groove05' 21"
05 No way out06' 56"
06 (re)produktiv03' 48"
07 Glauquenspiel05' 26"
08 Flower power05' 56"
09 Flow07' 25"
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