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Ghost EP


Silqe is a rapper, freestyler and English producer from Reading who started his live freestyle career for the BBC at the age 8 years! Open mic nights in Glastonbury, this artist whose acronym stands for "Strong Intelligent Lyrics Quantified Eloquently" lives literally his own hip-hop!
45 Experience is a French backing band of eclectic musicians playing together for fifteen years. A year ago, this Franco-British bridge met via the Internet. Yannis - producer and musician of 45 XP - exchange a few emails with Silqe. They found they have music affinities ranging from rap to Jamaican music. They started long distance exchange, and the osmos is imposed immediately.

United around a concept of music where the mix is the only guarantor of creativity, this group draws the groove of Jazzmatazz years or The Roots’ but they are neither nostalgic nor totally rooted in hip-hop. Even if their music is cataloged in the great rap family, it is essentially a live project with musicians mixing urban influences, rock guitars and reggae arrangements.

In Ghost Ep, Silqe reflects on his young adult life and the human demand for meaning. Here the ghosts are not supernatural, but rather represent illusions, otherness that surround us and push us to think and do evil or good acts.
In his 4 tracks Silqe proves that whenever there is a desire to exit the framework established by hip hop codes; a combination of flow and technique can be done. The groove is always present, the tempos slow down, electronics embrace the piano and guitars, and the acuteness of the flow of Silqe is accompanied by female vocals that evoke his inner voice.

Forever describes the uncomfortable feeling to know that what we are doing in life is it not what we really want. A major clash happens whenever we realize that it is not the life we want to live.

Everyday exposes the good and the bad sides of the adult life. Just like Forever, Everyday evokes the difficulty to embrace the daily routine and all those little unavoidable responsibilities, often tiring and rarely funny or exciting: jobs, the bills ... However, doing what we love is the real benefit.

Having control of our life, choose to do what we really want to do is a challenge and an opportunity. A path that leads to overcome the things around us, realizing that when we know what we want, the opinion of others - to some extent –do not matter.

Free talks about a broad concept of freedom and the genuine total freedom: the one that allows us to escape insidious coercions: what is expected of us, social pressures etc.

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