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Ghost Track


The notion of Dynamis, "power" considered as an infinity of possibilities content in one thing was developed by Platon and Aristote. It's like a concrete marble containing different possibilities of statutes face to an artists who creates a specific work .

Ghost Track is like one of the possibilities coming from the previous album Ekphrön released in 2014. It's a new work issues from the artistic subject created when High Tone had recorded this album.
Like the shadows, the name Ghost Track reveals 4 mature, worked and re-worked tracks modified according to different meetings (Oddateee for eg). This release shows this history : a glitch cover, a white vinyl between marble and ghostly.

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01 Ghost Tape05' 15"
02 High Tone, Oddateee - Mercy Feat. Oddateee04' 13"
03 All this things04' 50"
04 72 Returned04' 10"
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