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Pethrol is composed of 3 members; two of them are on the stage. The group began its development in January 2013, building a complete team around the project.

Composition and creation’s work came from a hybrid choice: to mix acoustic and digital sounds.

On the stage, the duo is a battery and a formula voice, difficult to classify in a specific category of music. Pethrol is often considered as a part of the new wave electro by the public.
Petrhol is an ambitious and current project able to reach both a massive public and an elitist target.

Having a large artistic potential and a strong visual identity, the band was immediately warmly welcomed by professionals from the music industry

Armed with a first successful efficient clip, followed by a well criticized EP entitled "Black Gold" Pethrol had prepared a second draft produced, edited and supported by JFX lab, the new Jarring Effects ‘net label.

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01 Blood of The Unicorn04' 28"
02 Robotic Narcissus03' 01"
03 Ouroboros03' 51"
04 Summer Rise03' 13"
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  • Video
  • Complete
  • Extract

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