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The John Venture


The birth of the The John Venture album takes its roots in 18 days spent in a studio with the simple rule of "one new composition per day", recording in the night what had been created in the daytime, and never looking back. ANGIL's 2 brass instrumentalists then recorded their parts, and the album was mixed and mastered by Gilles DELES. "...Jazzy moments (Angil's brass section), electronica icing (B R OAD WAY is fond of Boards of Canada), complex samples combinations, hip hop takeoffs (Night Shift Day Shift even hints at A Tribe Called Quest) and epic noisy finales : The John Venture adventure is utterly breathtaking..." ARTE

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01 Names07' 28"
02 Coin Operated04' 41"
03 Imaginary Physical Ailments07' 31"
04 Stein Waltz04' 56"
05 What Extra Mile ?08' 15"
06 Old Europe06' 24"
07 Night Shift Day Shift06' 28"
08 Approximate Turnover Company04' 24"
09 Egg Music05' 30"
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