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Judge and Condemn


Calvin COAL was born in Blois in Loir et Cher the 6th of march 1981.

He spent his childhood in Africa in Ouagadougou, capital of Burkina Faso, where he practiced the piano during two years and then returned to live in France in 1991.

At the age of 14, he discovered the guitar, a new instrument that will definitely reveal to him his passion for music. Self-taught man untill he was 20, he joined the Music Academy International in Nancy in 2001 and receive a theoretical and instrumental training with distinguished musicians such as Pierre-Jean Gaucher , Peter Nathanson, Christophe Godin or even Jean-Claude Rapin.

After his graduation, he joined the group Jazz-Funk Azeo with which he won many springboards ( Jazz Hot Savoie, final Emergenza... ) as well as the award for best guitarist of Isere in 2005 at the Musicopôle of Grenoble. Then he creates his own covers playlist in a Blues Soul Rock genre and began performing solo and trio on the French and Swiss scene . He also received training in singing ( Speech Level Singing method ) with Kristin Marion at the KMC studio in Gières.

In 2012, he caused a sensation at the Festiverbant in Bardonnex and on the 52nd edition of Jazz-à- Juan with a tribute to the giant of Blues, Eric Clapton. Following the positive feedback from the public and the organizers of the show, he began writing his own compositions for a first album entitled "Judge and Condemn".

In January 2013, he recorded his compositions at the Pro Repetition studio in Lyon. His album was then mastered at the prestigious Sterling Sound in New York in March.

His music, gross and subtle, comes from the Rock but is still well impregnated of Blues. The "Seventies" touch of this first album attests. From the first guitar solo on the introduction of "The Poison in your eyes", the percussive rhythm of Guillaume Antonicelli on the bass and Attilio Terlizzi on the drums supports wonderfully the hendrix mind of the young guitarist singer. In addition, the Gibson Les Paul of Frédéric Balsarin perfectly complements the sound of the band.

There are a few Pop/Rock influences with the catchy melodies ballads of "A family", "Each time I was wrong" and "Lullaby for Isaac", the last song of the album that is actually a nod to Calvin's son.

The "Vintage" revisited sound of the guitars and the bass is a driver that we follow with a nostalgic fun thread. While heavy riffs and powerful choruses of "Judge and Condemn", "Something a little bit new" or even "Mr. Groovy" take us back to the serious and intense sensations.

Devilishly effective and strong, this is what you could say about this first album which, in the background than in the form, reveals its meaning. Reflection on biases, self-confidence, and love, are the predominant themes. Inspired by Shakespeare's language, Calvin delivers us through his lyrics a strong and authentic message. "Judge and Condemn" must be eaten as a North American road, hair in the wind, heading west, engine with the spirit and the taste of freedom !

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01 The poison in your eyes06' 03"
02 Something a little bit new04' 51"
03 Judge and condemn05' 28"
04 Africa05' 26"
05 Yours04' 43"
06 Give it all04' 22"
07 A family04' 25"
08 Mr Groovy05' 33"
09 Make a wager05' 13"
10 So real04' 38"
11 Each time I was wrong04' 59"
12 Lullaby for Isaac04' 16"
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