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Steeped in brio and emotion, inclined to the freedom of improvisation and jazz, the percussiv music of the Amrat Hussain Experience developed into a rich blend of occidental and oriental harmonies, spiced with electronic flavors and funk breaks. Indian chants ease their way into this essentially instrumental discourse. Amrat breathes his thousand year old poetry into the mix, while the rhythm settles in the talis and tradition balancing on the cusp of meditation and dance... Up to a new trance.
The trio explores music at the crossroads of tendencies, result of blending of various origins of their influences (Indian, African, reggae, Latin, jazz..). Offering an unclassifiable trance music between sounds of today and yesterday which draws its creative spirit in borders’ abolition. Amrat Hussain Experience takes along his world in the colourful Rajasthan, which he mainly borrows the aesthetic of the voice, the passion of intersecting dialogues, and enthusiasm for instantaneous developing. The three accomplices, reveal an alternative route into the vast trend of world music expanding the lexicon of sounds, from a electrifying guitar riff that peddles a personalized eclecticism of sounds of elsewhere. The tablas’ bass, from the mrdangam, nimble the whole thing with a devastating groove that takes the powerful backwash of the battery in talking drums equally exuberant as affirmative. They sign in an atmosphere full of mystical poetry, a fugitive and tenacious music, enthusiastic and thoughtful open to cultures of all stripes.

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01 Japtaal04' 44"
02 Luna07' 11"
03 Jungle05' 29"
04 Dhabi04' 32"
05 Complete Rhythm Two03' 57"
06 Junoon04' 16"
07 Lisa06' 22"
08 Muses04' 16"
09 Funka ganesha05' 27"
10 Chaloyara04' 37"
11 Complete Rhythm One09' 25"
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