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Lady Swing


Why to choose between the musicality of the jazz, the efficiency of the rap and the American hip-hop and the creativity of the electro music? While by colliding 3 free electrons such as Ry' m, Amorphous(Apathetic) And second, we obtain an UFO of creativity merging in 3 inst. musical the most influential of the XXth century... The public chose not to choose and concerned our trio in the space of two years the front of the national stage by dedicating them " Discovery of the Printemps de Bourges 2009 ". After an explosive summer tour, Lyre The Time(Weather) prepares the exit(release) of its 1st album while collaborating with Wagram and its electro compilations swing. Lyre the time(weather), it is an improbable meeting between three iconoclastic creators who join in Jump-Jazz of the modern times, pushing away(repelling) the limits of the originality and the creativity.

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