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This big band, initiated by the drummer Bruno Tocanne (the artistic director imuZZic) for the ten years of the collective, offers an orginal music without border: from pop-rock-psychedelic to free jazz, without forgetting groove or world music,... A big band is a big gamble in the current context, but it fits into the artistic utopia wich defend these artists. With this “egalitarian” orchestra, not subjected to the autocracy of a single leader - each one comes with his ideas, his sense of play, of listening to others and his scores - it's all the enthusiasm, the generosity and the inventiveness of this collective of musicians wich is represented here. The imuZZic collective projects have always demonstrated a music accessible without oversimplification, free, uncompromising and played with a great sincerity : the trio Resistances and its activist songs, the I.Overdrive trio and his work around the Syd Barrett repertoire, and Bruno Tocanne with his “new dreams” serie.
Rémi Gaudillat (tpt), Philippe Gordiani (guit) Arnaud Laprêt (percus), Fred Meyer (guit)
Elodie Pasquier (clars), Fred Roudet (tpt), Damien Sabatier (saxs), Bruno Tocanne (batterie)

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