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With such an artist name as Jean du Voyage (translated Journey of Jean), his music was obviously going to be a travelling and universal. What can drive him toward the others and the landscapes ? Could it be his attachment to La Rochelle’s harbour with endess horizon which feeds and wakes his incessant urge to be elsewhere? or it could be his usual travels thoughout the world which invite him in a pluralist musical reading or his well done curiosity.
As a lettered and qualified Dj (DMC, IDA, TKO), beatmaker, producer and turtablist, also as a musician, a passionate and obsseded music amateur as well, our explorer brings his turntables and his vinyls from stages to clubs since 1998.
Jean’s musical DNA is composed of his first loves : soul, funk, reggae, hip-hop and jazz . and had crossed them with massive bass and heavy breaks from electro . This insatiable sound lover melt his abstract hip-hop with Sevillan Flamenco, his breakbeat with the Maloya from Reunion. He suits his dubsteap with Indian raga and spice his grime music up with gnawas from Morroco, Jean cares as much as his contemporaries about the world musical breath with attentivenes. He had done multiple collaborations with singers and musicians but also with visual artists and video artists. What an open heart and spirit!

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01 Hara03' 15"
02 Jean du Voyage, ISLA - Om (ft. ISLA)03' 56"
03 Anitya02' 46"
04 Blue Moon (ft. Djéla & Pierre Harmegnies)05' 59"
05 Shanti (ft. Djéla & Pierre Harmegnies)03' 32"
06 Temple02' 09"
07 Sensitive03' 44"
08 Khanti02' 22"
09 Maya03' 05"
10 Remembering (ft. Anaïs)03' 54"
11 Walk (ft. Pierre Harmegnies)02' 13"
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A1 Hara03' 15"
A2 Jean du Voyage, ISLA - Om (ft. ISLA)03' 56"
A3 Anitya02' 46"
A4 Blue Moon (ft. Djéla & Pierre Harmegnies)05' 59"
A5 Shanti (ft. Djéla & Pierre Harmegnies)03' 32"
B1 Temple02' 09"
B2 Sensitive03' 44"
B3 Khanti02' 22"
B4 Maya03' 05"
B5 Remembering (ft. Anaïs)03' 54"
B6 Walk (ft. Pierre Harmegnies)02' 13"
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