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Mission Completed-4EP


Christmas offer : order the 4 vinyls "Dub Invaders #3" together.

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01 Behold (Aku Fen Feat. Omar Perry)04' 11"
02 Behold (Aku Fen Version)03' 39"
03 We gonna make it (Twelve Feat. Doubla J)03' 55"
04 Twelve - We gonna make it (Twelve Version)03' 55"


01 Boom Sound (Roots'N Futur Hi Fi Feat. Lilly Melody aka Isiah Mentor)03' 58"
02 Boom Sound (Roots'N Futur Hi Fi Version)03' 22"
03 Bright Light (Led Piperz Feat. Troy Berkley)03' 51"
04 Adapting (Led Piperz Feat. Hatboy Harry)04' 07"


01 Dub Invaders Strike Again (Natural High Dubs meets Shanti-D)03' 09"
02 Dub Invaders Strike Adub (Natural High Dubs)03' 11"
03 Global Warming (Fabasstone feat Earl 16)03' 49"
04 Dub Warming (Fabasstone)03' 51"


01 Behold O.B.F RMX (Aku-Fen feat Omar Perry)03' 56"
02 Boom Sound BRAINLESS RMX (Root's'N Future Hi-Fi meets Lilly Melody aka Isiah Mentor)03' 21"
03 Dub Invaders Strike Again SUBACTIVE RMX(Natural High Dubs meets Shanti-D)04' 36"
04 Global Warming PILAH (Dub Addict) RMX (Fabasstone feat Earl 16)03' 18"
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