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Moine Sorcier Bijoutier


«In this multifaceted album, the duo Etranges primitifs brings us along for a luxurious inner exploration of their many favorite universes, displaying all the colors of Asia (Rajastan, Japan, China), Africa (with the Gnawas from Morocco), and the European Balkans, mixed in with the sounds of European Jazz.
Track after track, we enjoy carefully composed tonal associations, where it all happens within the respirations, the strokes, the string pluckings, bringing to life chants as beautiful as they are unusual...
This work finds its place in the «world music» movement, but it succeeds much better than many in achieving a true symbiosis between various cultures.
This is probably the result of Jean-Luc Peilhon and Pierre-Yves Voisin's determined and avid learning and deep study of the techniques of tablas, shakuhachis, Jew's harps, alghoza flues, ravanathas... all the while getting acquainted with the corresponding musical language. Their sincerity, their respectful approach, their very high standards allow them to bring us today, with their guests (Mitsuko from Japan, Massoud Raonaq from Afghanistan, Fred Meyer and Manu Vallognes from France), a true sound, halfway between tradition and modernity, but universal in its reach.» [Jean Mereu]

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01 Moine Sorcier Bijoutier07' 31"
02 Pin-Yin et Bayan04' 47"
03 Bheel le bienheureux05' 54"
04 Nanouk D part 102' 42"
05 Nanouk D part 206' 37"
06 Lames de fond05' 01"
07 Roku down ni up05' 15"
08 La marche des chaines05' 21"
09 Dhow03' 33"
10 Ces temps de bonheur04' 29"
11 Jour de marché à Jaipür08' 13"
12 Chant de lame03' 54"
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