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Musiques et danses du Belgistan


Today, even if the group is close in the instrumentation of a band of Eastern Europe at a crossroads orchestra gnawa, their style has matured, the sources of inspiration have broadened, and the directory is purely belgistanais.
For proof, just listen to two songs at random from the new album. Whoever opens Melnik, is not unlike what is the best currently Orkestar, peeping on the side of a Kocani, or a Mahala Rai Banda. Yet already in this piece is a rhythm belgistanais typically involve kerkebas gnawi fiery groove in the baritone sax. On the other hand, listening to Ray in track 6, track to beauty and haunting lyricism, recorded in a cave in Belgium, which seems out of the depths of the New York underground of the 80s, you might think from the Directory of John Lurie, a piece that reveals the origin jazz, and the quality of both the musicians and their compositions. Go, add the amazing Delta, beautiful pop ride, in which Burt Bacharach and Divine Comedy traveling unaccompanied percussion bosphoresques. And do not forget humor, pervasive as well as musically on stage, as this Iggy Bop which afford to take the introduction of Lust for Life of the Iguana.

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01 Melnik02' 34"
02 Nostalgie Du Futur04' 05"
03 Tot05' 14"
04 La Vallee03' 26"
05 Iggy Bop05' 04"
06 Ray02' 30"
07 Boulgour03' 08"
08 Lafayette03' 37"
09 Crapaud02' 38"
10 Delta03' 34"
11 Le Mur03' 52"
12 Eveil (Intro)01' 28"
13 Eveil03' 49"
14 Selim05' 33"
15 Black Star06' 59"
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