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Si nihil aliud


Originally auto-produced and released in 2004, this magnificent record by DOPPLeR deserved a second life on SK. Like an old lack finally filled up, a story finally come to terms which will allow us to move forward. But above all a record which deserved it more than anything else. A 50 minutes vertigo with all the symptoms included : troubled vision, temples beating down, spasms and stomach aches.

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01 Roquette05' 45"
02 Chausson 2404' 13"
03 Metallic tambura-like drones07' 44"
04 Nihilismus05' 10"
05 Batonnet07' 34"
06 Rail! Chien!16' 53"
Tracklist legend:
  • Video
  • Complete
  • Extract

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