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La pittoresque histoire de Pitt Ocha


Les Ogres de Barback will present "Picturesque History of Pitt Ocha." As their habit, Ogres took all their friends in this new adventure for young and old alike.
This book-disc 64-page, illustrated by Aurélia Grandin, music is a tale of GG, interpreted by many artists.
Based on this history, the 20 songs lead us into a world of travel, discovering sounds, the scenery, the road... (with Pierre Perret, Tordue, Tryo, Les Hurlements d'Leo, K2r Riddim, polo , Néry, Matchboxx, Standing on Zinc, Ketanou Street, Marco and GG, Pat and flying mice, etc. Charlotte, Leo and Jules, Peuple de l'Herbe.)
One euro per disc sold reverts to Handicap International

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