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Poutrelles Fever






What if, just for a daydream, Michigan Avenue and its underworld were placed in the Bugey... (France, 01)

You may think: why would the Fever phenomenon be associated to a beam (even a little one)? What is the connexion?? Where is the coherence??? We all know the legendary Saturday Night Fever for its devilish step dance, the Cabin Fever effect (enclosure feeling) known by the Inuit during the long and dark polar winter, or even the Chase Fever represented by these violent storm chasers looking for an adrenaline shot!! Well, now, you'll have to get used to the POUTRELLES FEVER effect.

Sextuet born from an alchemic meeting during the 2008 Spring in this famous Bugey region (01), the POUTRELLES FEVER create a spontaneously electric and contagious impressed music. You have to face the obvious.

Their repertoire is tinted of "chanson" mood passed through a rock'n'roll mill from the TRUE rock'n'roll years, enhanced by a boosted athletic brassed swing!! Strengthen by this savant cocktail, the singing can perform and lively feel these stories of everyday life and universal feelings. For the tone evokes involved words with mockery and seriousness on the world we're living in.

The "Manouchska" song reflects this statement: this is the story of an Eastern teenage girl, dragged around a prostitution network and treated like a ready-to-consume product. But not only. "La Valse des CRS" (= the State Security Policeman Waltz) gives a caustic tone of the policing we have to suffer insidiously every day. Lighter, "Good Bye for my darling" alludes to a fallen love with a refrain of the most unifying: ‘Les femmes c'est pire que d'la drogue dure, c'est quand y'en a qu'ça devient dur!' (= women are worst than hard drugs, it's when you've got some that it's getting hard). Anyway, this not a TV report, but reality.


Like decibels kidnappers, their unique ransom will be accessing the most stages as possible in order to reveal the full measure of their EXPLOSIVE ENERGY!!!

Straight road, unlock brakes, let's go for a rock'n'swing gypsy-popular shoot...



Before looking at the straw in your neighbour's eye, look at the beam in your ass!!!



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01 Estern01' 14"
02 Le précieux03' 02"
03 Acrylique04' 24"
04 Manouchka05' 22"
05 Good bye04' 15"
06 La valse des CRS04' 37"
07 Looser09' 14"
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