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Quilombo Do Futuro


Quilombo do Futuro, was the product of long-term focus and slow-cultivation of musical ideas and collaobrations in his chosen home and roots in Rio de Janeiro. His music and remixes have also been released on Tru-Thoughts, Ninja Tune, Cumbancha, World Connection and many others.
Having performed and worked in over 40 countries, his work has brought him in confrontation with coked up, bribe-seeking policeman, inebriated clandestine taxi drivers and malaria. Tackling challenging topics of cultural appropriation, stylistic fusion and immigration, this is crucial creativity and collaboration accomplished by any means necessary.
Call it transnational bass or global bass or tropical bass, Maga Bo is tapped into and part of this weird new sonic zone.

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01 Maga Bo, Bnegão - Tempos Insanos Feat. Bnegão02' 04"
02 Maga Bo, Rosângela Macedo, Marcelo Yuka - No Balanço da Canoa Feat. Rosângela Macedo and Marcelo Yuka03' 56"
03 Maga Bo, Gaspar - Rapinbolada Feat. Gaspar03' 30"
04 Maga Bo, Mestre Camaleão - É da Nossa Cor Feat. Mestre Camaleão03' 15"
05 Maga Bo, Jahdan Blakkamoore - Maga Traz a Lenha Feat. Jahdan Blakkamoore02' 58"
06 Maga Bo, Funkero, Bnegão - Piloto de Fuga Feat. Funkero and Bnegão03' 20"
07 Maga Bo, Robertinho Barreto - Galope Feat. Robertinho Barreto03' 52"
08 Maga Bo, Speed Freaks - Dobrado Feat. Speed Freaks02' 48"
09 Maga Bo, Biguli - O Neguinho Feat. Biguli02' 46"
10 Maga Bo, MC Zulu - Immigrant Visa Part II Feat. MC Zulu03' 46"
11 Maga Bo, Robertinho Barreto, Russo Passapusso - Xororô Feat. Robertinho Barreto and Russo Passapusso03' 06"
12 Maga Bo, Rosângela Macedo - Eu Vim de Longe Feat. Rosângela Macedo02' 37"
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