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Spaghetto blaster


After début album Fratelli Brutti released in 2009, Monofocus present Spaghetto Blaster, a second opus again auto-produced and distributed by IRFAN (the Label).
A new joyful mess with Electro-Blues-Funfair touches, rough and refined, coloured with brassy shades.
The Monofocus brotherhood are back and more talkative than ever, enriched with 3 years' touring and collaborations.
Genre alchemists, curiosity gatherers through time, Monofocus widen the sound panel of their musical universe by creating the soundtrack to the strangest, dreamlike and popular amusement park !
Come closer, jump in and share the fun !

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A1 Spaghetti06' 54"
A2 Bumper car blues04' 00"
A3 Djemaa el Fna05' 58"
A4 Kinétographe02' 58"
B1 Le mur de la mort04' 49"
B2 Il treno04' 39"
B3 Electrodiddley04' 20"
B4 Les Djinns04' 59"
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01 Solfège07' 18"
02 Le mur de la mort04' 49"
03 Kinétographe02' 58"
04 Spaghetti06' 54"
05 Bumper car blues04' 00"
06 Fenomeno03' 01"
07 Electrodiddley04' 20"
08 Il treno04' 39"
09 Djemaa el Fna05' 58"
10 L'homme de pluie04' 56"
11 Les Djinns04' 59"
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