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Written during the trips by rail, TER is a journey ode of Margaret Catcher.
It deals with the exaltation of leaving behind the routine for a while or forever, and the mysteries which come with it.
The album is composed of two parts: the first one combines vocals and riffs with orchestral tones, whereas the second one offers a more introspective view of the travelled distance.
Invited to jump on the bandwagon with their "electronic fuzz folk" sound in their luggage, the June Bug gets caught up in the game of reinterpretation.
Guitar, drum machine, omnichord and vocal harmonies reinvent what has been done before by their friends...The second remix of Numérobé, a JFX lab artist also from the North of France, offers a more intimate re-reading of the track,
varying between Abstract Hip Hop and Hypnotic Electronica!

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