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The Parade


After studying musicology, where she learned singing and perfected herself in medieval music, Marianne quickly abandoned her lute and choir for a two-year residence at the « La Chatte » evenings. She will make her debut as a DJ. Proud to gather, dance and discover a public, it has also long been seduced by the production software and realizes « 199X », a self-produced EP. Techno-inspired and acid-techno, their sets are borrowed from hot and percussive basses, the tracks are pointed and able to make dance with a kangaroo underwear on heels of 20cm. Actress of queer evenings and militant techno parties, the

sound of her drums fascinates all audiences and takes us away. Guest of the evening Wet For Me, House of Moda, Mutante and Boy Sauvage, she is also resident of the evenings Arm Aber Sexy.

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