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They know nothing, they recite


DESCHANNEL, a Saint-Etienne band, was created in 1999 by Anthony Goncalves (Tragic Vilnius, H-Trance), joined in February 2007 by Laurent Holdrinet,to add his real time video talent to the live Deschannel performances. Deschannel's music, essentially composed with analogue synthesizers and samples, could be defined as instrumental electro hip hop with a touch of progressive and rock owed to the rock musical past among various formations of the members.

" ...finally a band claiming an Ennio Morricone influence who stand up to the statement, using electronic music to defend its cause and never losing their soul doing so."

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01 it wont be okay04' 57"
02 k-bag05' 09"
03 soada04' 32"
04 they know nothing06' 14"
05 they recite05' 00"
06 whisky quebec03' 10"
07 ode on odeon04' 22"
08 adolf china04' 44"
09 two wise02' 35"
10 e-tree trip06' 01"
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