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Tout est triste, rien n'est grave


Songs which capture the particular evening light in winter, tell the boredom and the childhood's games, tempt to take the road, when our certainties vacillate …
Atmospheric, sorts of reports from our faults and from our ambivalences, Denis Rivet's songs suggest more that they impose, leaving with those who listen to them a piece of the way to go...
Artist of the Printemps de Bourges 2013, Denis Rivet come back with a new album "Tout est triste, rien n'est grave" , two years after "Tout proches" (mini-album 6 titles).
Arranged and registered most of the time in live condition with the musicians who accompany him in concert, twelve titles of the album find here their point of balance enter the energy which gets free of it and the importance granted to texts.
The esthetics developed on stage, based on old slides, finds itself in the picture of the album.
The irony of things, the summer evenings which stretch, the love stories which look for themselves, are and get lost, are so many themes crossed by Denis Rivet's new songs.

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