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Vagina Rush


Faithful guardian of the JFX studio, R;Zatz has always been here to support our artists through their process of creation. In parallel, and despite a full agenda, she finds time to produce music and logically releases in 2006, her début album « Will We Cross The Line ?». A deep and very personal opus where the highly sensitive tracks deliver a dark and anxious vision of the world.

Listening to « Vagina Rush » her new EP, makes it clear that the heavy and sombre envelope embracing « Will We Cross The Line ?» has disappeared to give space to some appeasing light. Still surrounded by her faithful companions, R;Zatz hits it straight away with « My Brain Doesn’t Work » inviting for the occasion K The I ??? - escaped from Big Dada - then Ben Sharpa for a pure spicy and obsessive hip-hop track. Melancholy nonetheless still shows, especially lyrically (the moving « Dark Side » where Marilou's voice flirts with trip hop or the touching « No Words », wonderfully magnified by Ben Sharpa.

This new EP says it loud : R;Zatz is back !! More appeased, ready to hit the stage (from next March and April), with her new line-up - drums, violin, guitar, vocals- not forgetting the unique Ben Sharpa & K the I???, lucky you !

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01 R-Zatz, Ben Sharpa - My Brain Doesn't Work02' 47"
02 R-Zatz, Ben Sharpa - No Words03' 37"
03 R-Zatz - It Girl03' 28"
04 R-Zatz - Some Might Say03' 50"
05 R-Zatz, Ben Sharpa - Oxygene03' 12"
06 R-Zatz - Dark Side04' 22"
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