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DJ Holiday

Jazz is her name. A worn out voice by the life that echo every Thursday, in the same club, for the same regulars, in Detroit. Jazz is a shadow like so many others in the city of Detroit, this old lady who doesn’t know her own age lived here for more than 40 years. Without reason, without choice. Just the destiny ...

Jazz music is her only landmark in her misery life, singing to exist and avoid to going down. Jazz lives in a ruined house that the locals have left her. On Tuesdays, she goes to fetch food at the soup kitchen, on Thursdays she will sing at a jazz club, named Bert's. She put on a sequined dress, a wig set with jewelry, necklaces, makeup.

On stage she named herself DJ Holiday, each time she sings two songs from the repertoire of the great Billie Holiday. Her voice is rough, sublime, moving, and she echo in this city that arouses so many fantasies. The 7T includes two tracks "How Long" performed by DJ Holiday and "Strange Fruit" which is a remix of the beatmaker YoggyOne, member of the Hip-Hop D. Lights band.