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Mat3r Dolorosa

Mat3r Dolorosa invites us to an epic sound trip, on the background of clocks, mechanical toys, movies' sets, industrial or organic rhythms ...

Rocked by Massive Attack, Radiohead, NIN, Bjork or Dj Krush, Tristan aka Mat3r Dolorosa models music (his training) and picture (his job) with the same sensitivity, creating an immersive universe. On stage, he collaborates with Johnooded ( VJ) to extract from his compositions the pictures which live in him, sometimes clear and calmed, sometimes dark and tempestuous, where golden daylight pierces the icy afternoons.

His productions find their place between electronica, abstract hip-hop & progressive electro, reminding the beginnings of EZ3kiel, Mogwaï or Fumuj.

A fascinating travel up to each one to appropriate.