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Sharing, uniting, supporting and creating, are the major features of « collectif BUS21 », the BUS21 team
It’s existence stems froms a desire to defend the creation, development and broadcasting of multidisciplinary artistic and cultural productions to different audiences (concerts / CDs / DVDs ...).
Its primary function is to serve a pool of active local artists as well as ones from further afield.
The Bus 21 team, creation & Co. wishes :
• To encourage and stimulate the demand and motivation of committed artists and raise their awareness of their professional environment
• To give credibility and viability to the authentic nature and quality of its projects in order to reach a wider public
• To develop concerts, shows, workshops (master class / amateur work courses)
Currently the BUS 21 team has twenty associate members participating in one or more projects on different artistic movements: music, visual arts, photography, graphic design, animation, films, literature...