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Label 440

This brand new label, hosted by Jaspir Prod, will get into phonographic production from beginning 2016.

"440" to show our attachment to Saint Jean's territory and the local developpement.

"440" for the label high quality demand, symbolized by the A note frequency.

A singular name for a special identity, a new activity opened to various backgrounds and aesthetics tendencies.
The final aim of Label 440 for Jaspir is to be able to work with a 360° view on the projects we support.
As a start, the label will produce 3 albums, among which the last album of Sir Jean & NMB Afrobeat Experience, the second Elzed record and the last of Tangram.
Our aim is to give the opportunity to emerging musicians (specially from Rhone-Alpes territory) to tend to profesionnalisation.
The label benefits from strategic partnerships, as a member of Cd1d and Feppra, a member and jury within Tagada Tsoin Tsoin, Believe and an 1d Rhône Alpes partner, and its overall project developpement harvest a national recognition.

A label with plentiful projetcs.

A label with artists proximity as a leitmotif.